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What's the story behind the art?

Concept artist Adam Kuczek goes the extra mile when developing his personal art project Reload

Those of you looking to improve your concept art skills will no doubt have jotted down a few notes on costume, weapon, setting and so forth, before putting stylus to tablet. Adam Kuczek took matters further. A lot further.

“The story came first, because for personal projects I always like to work with some sort of background and context,” he says. “I then came up with my characters, their overall themes and back stories. This gave me a better idea of how the concepts or key frames, like the artwork shown here, should look like.”

The result is Reload, a post-apocalyptic story set on Earth, featuring nasty mutants, big guns and global conflict. And at the heart of it, one man who could make a difference. You can read more about it on Adam’s blog.

Adam says that his art could be applied to either a first-person shooter or film. But even if Reload remains an impressive gallery within his portfolio, his passion for the story behind the imagery shines through. As an example of how to take a personal project to the next level, it’s a pretty good one.


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