Wacom Inkling Challenge Three: Shore Leave

Win Wacom inkling

Sketch a hero relaxing for your chance to win an Inkling!

For your chance to win a Wacom Inkling, this week we want you to create a scene based o the theme of Shore Leave.

Even those with the fate of the galaxy on their shoulders need a little time out, and we want to see how your hero would enjoy their hard earned free time. What kind of things would they get up to? It's completely up to you!

Try to include a few visual clues that hint at your hero's regular duty, such as uniform, weaponry or even narrative props like news bulletins or adoring fans. Your piece can be set in any time or place- whatever you feel like!

As ever, you can create a sketch from traditional or digital mediums, just as long as it does not become a full colour piece. Head over to our forum to post your comments and works in progress, but don't forget to submit your final sketch through our official competition page.

The deadline is Sunday 14th July at Midnight GMT. 

Good luck!

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