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We've got two new challenges for you to try...

Congratulations to Vince Hewitt (Midscrawl) for winning our most recent IFX monthly challenge! Vince's piece was crowned the winner of April's Chiaroscuro challenge – you can check out the other great entries over here.

Vince Hewitt Chiaroscuro
Chiaroscuro by Vince Hewitt

We've currently got two new challenges open, and we want to see your entries!  

Biweekly Challenge: Once Upon a Time...

Take a scene from a fairytale, and give it a sci-fi makeover! How would a futuristic Cinderella get to the ball? Could Sleeping Beauty be a cyborg in suspended animation? The possibilities are here to get started.

Closing Date: Wednesday 22nd May

May Monthly Challenge: Fantasy Self Portrait

If you could be any kind of fantastic character, what would you be? Here's your chance to create your fantasy alter ego with our self-portrait challenge! Whether you fancy yourself as a graceful elf, fearsome hunter or some kind of magical creature hybrid, as long as your portrait bears a likeness to you, you can be whatever you want to be! Check out the thread for more.

Closing Date: Friday 31st May

Don't forget that your winning pieces could feature in the magazine and win prizes! Visit our forum for more.

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