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Striking environment game art

Check out these concepts for StrikeVector, a multiplayer aerial combat game that’s in development

Have you ever played a first-person shooter and thought, “I’m tired of all this running around – I want to shoot my opponents out of the skies”? Then StrikeVector could be the game for you. It’s being developed by an independent French team of four, and the recently released in-game video has received a lot of attention.

But what grabbed the ImagineFX eye was the well-executed concept art for the evocative environments that you’ll be zooming around. The floating, battered hulks of industry contrast nicely with the blue skies and cloud formations in which the game is set. The sense of scale is also clearly conveyed – you be flying through these airborne factories at breakneck speed, as well as around them.

The team says, “We’re planning to release the beast when it's ready!” With this in mind, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the StrikeVector website for more artwork and news.

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