October 2013

Our 100th issue!

October 2013

To celebrate our 100th issue we've decided to ask our readers who their favourite artists are, these 100 most-loved artists are collected into a special supplement free with thus issue, will your art hero be in there?

Continuing the 100th issue fun, we've asked some of our favourite artists to come back and share their digital art techniques. This issue Dan LuVisi, Marta Dahlig, Raymond Swanland, Genzoman and cover star Jason Chan deliver unmissable new tutorials!

We're also offering the chance for you to win a sketchbook of original art from some of the world's leading fantasy illustrators, including sketches from Charles Vess, Stanley Lau and Donato Giancola. There's more entry details here.

This is on top of the usual fun you get with every issue, including Artist Q&A, FXPosé and our in-depth features and reviews, which this issue includes a test of Corel Painter X3.

Head to our store to order your copy today, and watch a preview over at Youtube.

ImagineFX, issue 113


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