January 2013

Our Hobbit art special, with cover art from Woonyoung Jung

Imagine FX magazine Issue 91 January 2013

JRR Tolkien's words have conjured pictures in the minds of fantasy artists for decades. His descriptive text has inspired the foundations of modern fantasy.

This issue we tracked down legendary Tolkien artists John Howe and Alan Lee to the set of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, where they shared with us their sketches from the latest Peter Jackson film.

Our cover star Woonyoung Jung digs into his DreamWorks box of tricks to imbue his portrayal of Gollum with cinematic lighting. Donato Giancola reflects on the Old Masters to share his painting techniques, whilst you can find Nacho Molina's pin-up inflected depiction of Éowyn's battle with the Witchking.

Corel Painter artists should check out the very modest Corrado Vanelli as he explains how he paints the beautiful skin tones of his Middle-earth elf queen.

We also reveal of our 10 Rising Stars 2012 winners. Our externally judged competition drew in over 1,000 amazing entrants, but 10 had to be picked, and you can see why they stood out for our judges. Do you have a favourite?

ImagineFX, issue 113


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