Christmas 2012

Blizzard's art director Glenn Rane leads the charge with his Warcraft cover

Imagine FX magazine Issue 90 Christmas 2012

Ever since ImagineFX launched we've managed to embrace both digital and traditional strands of fantasy and sci-fi art, enabling Frazetta to rub shoulders with Andrew Jones. So this issue I was excited when Blizzard's senior art manager Jeremy Cranford chose us to feature a very special project, as fantasy's finest traditional artists share their visions of Blizzard's digital worlds. On page 42 you'll find exclusive new inspirational art from Alex Ross, Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell, Simon Bisley, Syd Mead, Todd Lockwood, Michael Whalen, Alex Horley, Paul Bonner and Craig Mullins. We all have a favourite – which is yours?

The Blizzard connection carries on in this issue's workshops. On page 70 Sam Didier shares his digital techniques for painting World of Warcraft and StarCraft characters in a brand new painting, while on page 94 the talented Laurel D Austin reveals how she paints multiple StarCraft characters in a scene. There are plenty of new skills to master elsewhere this issue: on page 86 Annie Stegg shares her layer advice, while on page 98 Jessica Oyhenart mixes her historical references. Don't miss Painter Wow! author Cher Threinen- Pendarvis's guide to Painter 12's workspaces on page 85.

Finally, thanks for all your feedback over the past few editions of ImagineFX. I always love to hear from you, so please get in touch with your thoughts, questions or just to share your art!

ImagineFX, issue 113


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