R2-D2 creator launches new series to inspire children

Tony Dyson  new ebooks

Star Wars designer Tony Dyson tells us about how his latest project can help inspire the artists of the future...

If you've got a budding artist in your midst, you may want to point them in the direction of The Adventures of Clive and Sue BobbeKin, the first of a series of multi media ebooks by R2-D2 creator Tony Dyson.

Tony has recently launched Netdreamer Publications, whose range of children's titles fully embrace the new digital technologies to create more engaging stories for their readers.

We asked Tony about how his expansive career in visual effects can help inspire a new generation of future artists...

Tony Dyson new ebooks

What kind of creative approach have you adapted for your new series of children's books?

Educators have found an enormous success ratio in the principle of not only engaging all the senses of a child, but also in motivating their imagination in a passionate way, that can only lead to the child’s wondering and questioning mind.

We are looking for a reaction, in the magic words: But Why? What does that mean? Our publications are designed to provoke a response and engage not only the child but also the parent/teacher as well.

Tony Dyson new ebook

Do you have a specific approach to character design?

Yes I really believe we do, I feel it is very important to match the script to the character and the character to the message you wish to impart to the child. Children have their own favourite characters they find themselves attracted to.

Understanding this attraction is a major part of character profiling and ultimately successful ‘Educational Story Telling’. We try to paint the personality of our characters through our Colourful and Magical ‘Story Teller’ a Fairy Owl (narrator). In this way we can be much more objective about the character and their adventures, but still build a bond with the child.

Tony Dyson new ebooks

Has your background in the sci-fi genre had any impact on the creative design of the new book series?

I think it would be very hard for me not to be influenced by my background in the film industry. I see most things I design as a multi-media experience. Educators all around the world are continuously working on finding the secrets of teaching in the most efficient way.

They all come to the same conclusion: the most powerful tool a teacher or parent has, is their own passion for the subject matter they are trying to teach. This is called the mimic syndrome.

If we produce multimedia e-books that can also entertain and engage the imagination of the parent, the child will most definitely sense that passion and wish to mimic and to be involved. So we have indeed designed our books to be entertaining for all ages.

Visit Netdreamer Publications to find out more.

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