Painter X3 review

Painter X3 limited can package

Here's our pick of the new features to be found in Corel Painter X3

Last week Corel released 13 videos of their favourite Painter X3 highlight.

Now ImagineFX has had a play with the software, and we've picked our own. Here's a brief rundown of what impressed us the most – you can read our full review, and artist critique, in issue 100 (pre-order now).

Painter X3 multi layer function
  • Multi-layer transform

    It's a simple addition, but we can see Painter X3's added ability to play with several layers in an image as being welcomed by digital artists. It's also their most blatant move into Photoshop teritory. 
BatFunk2 by Dwayne Vance
  • More realistic paint

    It's what the software does best - emulate the sticky stuff – and with its Universal Jitter Brush, X3 offers a controlled randomness, as the painting by Dwayne Vance shows above.
Painter X3 Flow Maps
  • Flow Maps

    Although this was an update for Painter 12, you may have missed it. X3's Flow Maps is a further immersive 'real paint' experience. Using watercolours you'll see the digital paper getting wet, and a real-time animation will show it dry and change before your eyes.
  • Perspective guides

    Painter X3's perspective guides are actually quite similar to the ones in Manga studio. True, it's not a brand new idea, but we're impressed by how it expands Painter X3's remit. It's a move into environment concept art, as well as the more traditional territory of painterly portraits.
Dan Milligan
  • Paint Jams

    Although you won't need X3 to be part of the fun, Corel have announced their Paint Jams alongside X3's release. Up to 1,000 users can watch up to three pros, such as Dan Milligan, above, use the software online.

Have you used Painter X3 yet? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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