Noriyoshi Ohrai to hold unique exhibition

Noriyoshi Ohrai exhibition

The artist responsible for some of cinema's coolest ever artwork puts on a special show

The man behind indelible artwork for movies such as Godzilla, Star Wars and the Goonies is set to showcase his work in a unique exhibition. 

Over 600 pieces by Japanese illustrator Noriyoshi Ohrai, including 200 originals, will be displayed at Miyazaki Art Centre, Japan. The exhibition marks the first time such an extensive range of the artist's work has been displayed in one place. 

Ohrai spent much of his career in Miyazaki, his wife’s hometown, long before email or even fax machines made it easier for artists to work remotely, away from big cities. 

The event aims to act as both a retrospective of the Ohrai's glittering career, and "to give hope to and inspire the dreams of young artists working in rural areas."

But you you'll have to wait to check it out. The exhibition doesn't begin until next year – running from Saturday 8 February until Sunday 23 March 2014.

Find out more on the exhibition's website

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