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Dave Rapoza is synonymous with dark fantasy, but has changed it all up with a handful of brand new images

Sometimes you think you know what to expect from an artist.

Take Dave 'Dark Lord' Rapoza. He's made his name mastering shadow and the creatures that dwell within.

Dave Rapoza StarVeil

Then he side-steps expectation, posting these stunning 'sketches' full of light and colour and subtle lines.

Dave Rapoza StarVeil

More Möbius than Morgoth, these pieces are a world away from the heavy textures of much of his work to date... We have to admit, we had to check that they were actually Dave's!

Dave 'dark lord' Rapoza
This piece, created for Applibot, features all the glorious darkness we came to expect from Dave

In fact, these enigmatic 'StarVeil' images (no project details yet) shouldn't come as too much of a shock. The artist often posts line art of a lighter hue on his many online sites.

Dave Rapoza StarVeil

We can't wait to see more of this style from Dave, but we'll always have a soft spot for his dark fantasy.

Dave Rapoza StarVeil

So much so that we asked him to create a brand new digital painting for issue 99 of ImagineFX.

Dave Rapoza new ImagineFX workshop
Here's an exclusive look at Dave's brand new workshop image that he created for issue 99

Get your hands on the print or digital edition and see the full painting now!

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