Meet the 97-year-old digital artist

Hal Lasko (aka "Grandpa") is a former graphic artist who turned to Microsoft Paint when he started to lose his eyesight, see his story…

With his eyesight fading due to 'wet macular degeneration'  (which causes a lose of focus in the centre of the vision) Grandpa set about creating digital art after his family bought him a computer, long after he had retired. 

"We got Grandpa a computer probably fifteen years ago," says Lasko's grandson, Ryan. "I knew I had to show him Microsoft Paint. And once I did, he took off with it. It wasn't until years later that we realized how important this thing was to him."

The artist's style is a blend of pointalism and 8-bit art, and Grandpa works up to 10-hours a day on each digital painting. Using Microsoft Paint's zoom function, the artist is able to focus on each pixel and slowly build the painting.

With subjects that range from traditional landscapes to still life studies and 'space highways' Grandpa's art is varied.

As with our recent look at the art of Francis Tsia (ImagineFX issue 98), who has overcome Lou Gehrig's Desease using eye-tracking technology to keep painting, Grandpa's story is one of perseverence and passion. See more at his website here.

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