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Mech appeal

Reza Ilyasa's Robodawg

Issue 95 has a great feature on what it takes to paint the perfect mech. Reza Ilyasa clearly knows the answer…

Mechs come in all shapes and sizes, and appear in the portfolios of artists from all around the world. English not your specialty? Not a problem when you’re talking the universal language of big, stompy robots!

One such artist who's carving up his own slice of the genre is Indonesian artist Reza Ilyasa. Indeed, his work has caught of eye of Applibot, the Japanese card game publisher that’s making waves in the world of digital fantasy art at the moment. And when you see Reza’s work, you’ll understand why he’s on the company’s books.

Visit Reza's CG Hub page for more of his art, and to see what else is in issue 95, see ImagineFX's YouTube page.

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ImagineFX, issue 113


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