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Jot Touch 4 stylus

Finger painting on tablets is so last year – Adonit’s Jot Touch is the future

In January ImagineFX reviewed Adonit’s precision stylus Jot Touch, a stunning bit of kit that effortlessly added pressure-sensitivity to the iPad via Bluetooth.

Whilst the fruit-based company produced the most popular tablets – all without pressure sensitivity – it fell to Adonit to provide all the on-the-go digital artists out there an ideal stylus. With Jot Touch 4, ‘ideal’ has got a whole lot more precise and natural.

Jot Touch 4 on iPad

The Jot Touch 4 adds to what made the original such an indispensable stylus. Still around the size of a ballpoint pen, but more substantial, the Jot Touch 4 now boasts Palm Rejection technology and added pressure sensitivity.

As well as being the first stylus to boast 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity (that’s the same as a Cintiq!), artists will now be able to rest their palm on the screen without interference, giving them a far more intuitive drawing experience.

Of course, all that pressure sensitivity translates into more determination over your line, and with Jot Touch 4’s fine tip this is the most accurate stylus on the market.

Jot Touch 4 stylus

There’s no reason to worry about it running out of juice, either. When you use Jot Touch 4 with Bluetooth 4 enabled devises, the stylus lasts around a month on a single battery charge - one less thing to distract you when you’re out panting.

Jot Touch 4 lets you get to software tools, undo mistakes, and switch colours quickly, with its two shortcut buttons. There are also more software apps to work with, whether you’re drawing, painting, or simply note taking.

Woman holding Jot Touch 4

As before, a small USB charging base is integrated, which the Jot Touch 4 magnetically clamps on to. It’s a clever piece of design, but then coming from Adonit that’s hardly surprising.

USB Jot Touch 4

The key ideas behind Jot Touch 4 are getting rid of creative barriers and offering a stylus that digital artists will enjoy using. Adonit’s chief visionary officer Kris Perpich had that in mind from the start.

“We set out to create a natural and intuitive drawing experience for the iPad. Art is about expressive freedom, and artists shouldn’t feel restricted by their tools. The new Jot Touch 4 stylus gives artists that freedom.”

For £58 you can get yours right now over on the Adonit site


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