Issue 94 is a fine body of work

ImagineFX anatomy issue 94

It's time to get your figure-drawing game on with the help of our anatomy special!

The latest issue of ImagineFX is now on sale in the UK, and it’s packed with advice and techniques to help you improve your anatomy skills.

The good stuff starts with a 12-page feature by renowned figure painter and art instructor Charles Hu, who paints a male figure from the ground up – or should that be bone up?

Then John Watkiss, long-time TV and film concept artist, reveals how to picture Tarzan in a dynamic pose, taking into account the character’s bone and muscle structure.

David Gaillet is our cover artist, and you’ll be itching to find out how he painted our sensuous sci-fi vampire. Composition, proportions and lighting considerations are all covered in his informative workshop.

We also explain colour, atmospheric lighting, new approaches to painting, storytelling and depicting faces in Corel Painter in our workshop section, while Q&A questions on textures, focal points, creature close-ups and the importance of values mean this is one edition of ImagineFX you won’t want to miss!

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