Issue 100: Win amazing original art

John Picacio sketch

To celebrate the 100th issue of ImagineFX we'll be giving away a sketchbook packed to the binders with original art from the world's leading fantasy painters

Over the coming months a sketchbook will be passed around the art community – a treasured book that will soon be filled with new, original art by some of the world's leading painters.

The most recent addition, above, is by the award-winning artist John Picacio.

And we will be giving this priceless sketchbook away for free to one lucky ImagineFX reader, when issue 100 goes on sale Friday 16th August.

The first artist to sketch into the book was Steve Argyle, who has worked for Magic: The Gathering amongst others, and has recently returned from a trip to Spectrum Live!

Steve Argyle
Steve Argyle was first to add a sketch to the book.

Look for more new sketches appearing soon, from the likes of Donato Giancola, Dan Scott, Greg Manchess and many others.

Charles Vess has also drawn into the book, a beautifully simple pencil sketch in keeping with his work. 

Charles Vess sketch
Charles Vess drew a sketch in the book, will you win it and others?

You'll need to buy a copy of issue 100, on sale 16 August, to find out how all this original art could be yours.

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