Image of the day: You Died by Chris Braun

Today's monstrous image of the day comes courtesy of American artist Chris Braun

You wouldn't like him when he's angry

Some days, you wake up and your horn just isn't sitting right, your skin feels extra-gnarled and you have breath that could kill an elephant. The only thing you can do to lift your spirits is go on a rampage, crushing humans with your bare hands, trampling them with your monstrous feet. 

At least that's how we like think the subject of today's image of the day feels. The explosive, and aptly named, You Died is the work of American artist Chris Braun, based on a 2011 IFX workshop by the brilliant Daryl Mandryk.

You can see how the finished piece was developed from the early version below, with changes made to the jaw and teeth, colour added, dimensions changed and the addition of a background.

See more work from Chris Braun in his gallery

You still wouldn't like him when he's angry


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