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Image of the day: Waterworld by Nigel Goh

Taking inspiration from the 90s movie of the same name, Nigel Goh has created a post-apocalyptic landscape known as Waterworld

Water World by Nigel Goh

Sans Kevin Costner, 24-year-old freelance digital artist Nigel Goh has reimagined 1995 post-apocalyptic film Waterworld.  

"Tortured by humans for eons," Goh explains, "Mother Nature finally retaliated, sending a huge tsunami that consumed everything in its path in an attempt to start over.

"Inspired by the move of the same name, this matte painting offers an alternate impression of the film, while retaining its original title."

The self-taught Singaporean began his career as a 3D modeller before picking up digital painting, working as a freelance illustrator and concept designer ever since. Inspired primarily by video games, particularly developers Ubisoft and Blizzard, the artist hopes to one day work on some of gaming's biggest titles. 

Check out more from Nigel Goh on his website and on blog.

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