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Image of the day: Prince Baal by Tomasz Opasinski

Poster designer Tomasz Opasinski tells us more about Prince Baal, a piece exploring his love of experimental digital art

"I had always been tempted to create a hybrid," Tomasz Opasinski says, "a soft but somehow metal-like creature that doesn't feel like an exoskeleton."

For over a decade, Opasinski has worked extensively in movie poster design. He uses his personal projects to indulge his love of experimental digital art and complex collages.  

"Prince Baal began as an experiment," the artist says, "a combination of my more experimental art and something that feels more organic. The basic head was sculpted in Pixologic ZBrush, main model textured, lit and rendered in Maxon Cinema and final compositing, along with typography, was done in Adobe Photoshop, using a Wacom tablet.

"Its bright skin seems to melt with gold hue. The feminine head looks at us through golden eyes. Golden ornaments and somewhat futuristic machinery keeps our prince alive. Gold runs through his veins."

See more from Tomasz Opasinski on his website

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