Image of the day: Iron by João M. P. Lemos

Portuguese illustrator and comic book author João M. P. Lemos shares a piece from his collection of personal work

Today's image of the day is Iron by Portuguese illustrator and comic book author João M. P. Lemos – a fantasy study from his collection of personal work. 

"This piece began as a really loose graphite doodle in a craft paper sketchbook," Lemos says, "which I ended up inking over, directly and without clean-ups, with a very reliable black Sakura Micron pen.

"Although I enjoy lots of different media, styles and technical approaches, in my personal work, I've been mostly looking for a very flat, sort of Rick Rubin-style take on colours. I find that this process – keeping it stripped of effects and filters – makes me work harder in the search for the right colours."

Check out more from João M. P. Lemos on his website, and see how the image developed below. 

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