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What's that over the horizon? Could it be... a giant enemy crab?

Ok, so we may still be a little giddy from all of the excitement of the big Sony PS4 press conference yesterday, but today we're in the mood for something that reminds us of Sony's most entertaining moments...  

ImagineFX Image of the Day

And as luck would have it, Catch of the Day by reader Rob Smyth is exactly what we had in mind!  

If you're a gamer, you'll know exactly what we mean; the 2006 E3 conference not only showed the world the power of the PS3, but it also brought us giant enemy crabs. Sadly, there were no crabs present at yesterday's conference, but at least we can fill in the gaps with pieces like this.

Getting back to the actual art, Catch of the Day is an accomplished piece; the softness of style seems to enhance the sense of scale we get from our approaching creature, and the lighting effects have been really nicely rendered – there's some great highlights here!

Be sure to take a look at Rob's portfolio, where you'll find more great pieces of fantasy art.

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