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Meet the Strigoi, the original vampire that could teach it's prettier grandchildren a thing or two...

We've all gotten a bit too used to expecting vampires to be sensual, beautiful and tragic figures of antiquity, but the origins of vampire mythology paint a very different picture. So did reader Xau, with his excellent vampire piece Strigoi.

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According to Romanian folklore, a Strigoi is a troubled spirit that needs blood to survive, along with the ability to become invisible and transform into animals. It's fascinating stuff – and much grislier than the glamorous vampires of the 1800s.  

It's quite fitting that this piece is as equally horrifying as the folklore that inspired it. Xau combined Photoshop and ArtRage together to give the piece it's ethereal style, which is a real triumph. Check out Xau's gallery over here to find out more.  

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