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Far Cry 3: Designing Vaas

Ubisoft concept artist Bruno Gauthier Leblanc explains how he created the menacing look of Far Cry 3's fearsome pirate Vaas.

In case you missed it in issue 89, Bruno Gauthier Leblanc explored the development process behind bringing Far Cry 3 villain Vaas to life.

In the early stage of development, the character was known as Bull, "a brutish, aggressive, intimidating character with the face to prove it. He had scars, he had huge muscles, but I felt he was also a little generic," Bruno recalls.

Have a look at the gallery of images at the bottom of the page to see Bull as he morphs into Pyro, and then finally become Vaas!


Bruno Gauthier Leblanc Far Cry 3
Bruno Gauthier Leblanc's concept art for fearsome pirate Vaas.

"As I played around with the character Bull, I was inspired to include various pirate styles and weaponry, seeing how far he’d benefit from this look. He needed a more dramatic change," says the artist. Along with script revisions, Bull was soon shaped into someone else entirely.

"When we got actor Michael Mando in, it changed everything," he continues. "Ubisoft is increasingly using actors to inspire at the concept/development stage of character creation. Vaas is a subtler version of Pyro. We decide that his psychopathic nature is best portrayed through Mando’s acting, so we remove the more obvious cues such as red hair and facial burns."

"Some of Vaas’s insanity is still captured in his rough-shaved hair and the bandages on his fingers, covering scabs he incessantly picks at. Few are aware that the three white straps hanging loosely across Vaas’s chest are an allusion to the three white stripes worn by military generals. "

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