Easier brushes in Painter X3

Peter Stapleton Painter X3

Peter Stapleton gives his tips on using the new brush features in Corel Painter X3

I’ve always loved painter’s brush engine but when I started using it, I was always a bit overwhelmed with the incredible amount of different brushes.

Searching for the one you wanted felt like finding a needle in a haystack. Finding the brush controls made modifying your brushes seem like rocket science.

This article will demonstrate a few of the ways that Painter X3 makes finding, modifying, and using brushes that much easier.

There is a new Brush Search Engine to help find that particular brush you always seem to struggle to find.

Modifying the brushes has also been made less daunting with the addition of the Advanced Brush Controls.

1) Open the search bar by clicking on Window>Search. You can search by brush name of course, but also by specific settings or category.

Type in keywords like oil, bristle, jitter, rotation, etc. to find what you’re looking for. As there are so many brushes this is the quickest method of getting the brush you need.

2) Advanced brush controls have been added to the brush property bar. This set of tabs now only displays the relevant settings for the brush type currently selected.

Play around with these settings and don’t be afraid to go crazy as the brush can be restored at any time by clicking on Brushes>Restore Default Variant.

3) Finally, the stroke preview has now been enhanced to give you a much better idea what the brush can do before you use it.

You can find it anywhere that brushes are found; brush search, advanced and normal brush controls, and the brush selector. Make sure to keep an eye on it when modifying any settings.

See more of Peter's art over at his blog.

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