Do you have what it takes to work for CROOZ?

CROOZ Deity Wars game art

Games company CROOZ is looking for original artists to expand their title Deity Wars from Japan to the whole world. We speak to their artists about what it takes to inspire a fantasy RPG.

Working for one of Japan’s leading social gaming companies CROOZ isn’t your usual nine to five. “Our motto when creating art is “make it cool and fun,” says art director Daisuke. “In our team, each person is trying to implement this in every way. We stimulate each other and aim in the same direction.”

Daisuke is in charge of the illustrations for CROOZ’s most popular RPG Ragnabreak (known as Deity Wars outside of Japan), and he’s looking for fresh talent around the world to play a key role in the expansion of the game.

CROOZ is looking for artists to create original character illustrations used as rewards for proceeding in quests and winning battles. And their work will need to be suitably stunning.

“Since 2.5 million players worldwide are playing this game to acquire these beautiful illustrations, we feel the usage of the illustrations is a very important factor in making the game successful,” explains Daisuke.

So what’s the process for creating ‘cool and fun’, yet inspiring art? Deity Wars artist Moon believes that the work environment at CROOZ provides the first step.

“The fact that everyone’s ideas can be reflected onto the game is so attractive [for me],” he says. “The game director respects artists and is very considerate to everyone in his team, which allows us to consult each other about the best way to proceed.”

CROOZ Deity Wars art Moon
This character was created by illustrator Moon, and quickly became popular

Moon’s character Tenkai the High Priest, above, was born from this organic, collaborative process. “First I pointed out that there weren't any old men in Deity Wars,” explains Moon, “then the game planners gave me ideas for the character's plot, and the usage of the character was decided upon."

The character, an archbishop whose soul is ruled by evil, soon became a favourite amongst fans. “Watching a character that you proposed become entwined in the game gives you a great boost,” he says. “I feel extremely happy to have my illustrations looked at by people around the world, with Japan and the United States playing a big role.”

Inubiko Surtr CROOZ
This is one of artist Inubiko's art works, titled Surtr

Artist Inubiko is quick to point out that CROOZ provides more for their artists than a collaborative environment to flourish. With weekly workshops where artists can share their thoughts and techniques, there’s a feeling that the team is in it together.

“Illustrators in CROOZ make wonderful art work. Therefore we're really concious of not producing anything of an inferior quality,” he says, "but this actually means you're able to cultivate yourself, and get stimulated by other team members' illustrations with high quality during the developing process.”

If you’re full of original game character ideas, and think you want to grow with them, send your portfolio to CROOZ now:

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