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Set in the balmy Troia peninsular, Portugal, Trojan Horse was a Unicorn is the latest boutique digital art convention with an artist line up befitting its grand surroundings.

Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn Serge

Sometimes brilliant things occur against all odds. Faced with massive national debt and artist fees that reflect an arts industry tightening its belt, Portugal in 2013 can hardly be described as an opportune place to launch a brand new digital art event.

Thankfully André Luis doesn’t pay much attention to what he’s ‘meant' to be doing. With a contact book that every ImagineFX reader would love to borrow, he’s organised a unique event, Trojan Horse was a Unicorn, in the Troia peninsular, just outside Lisbon, Portugal, from 18-21 September 2013.

Dan Luvisi

“We want nothing less than to put Portugal on the map when it comes to the digital art industry,” says the organiser, “we’re getting the best digital artists together in a gorgeous setting. There’s going to be a lot great insight from artists working at Industrial Light and Magic to Pixar, but we’re also going to be having a lot of fun.”

With the event’s logo artists Serge Birault and José Alves da Silva leading the charge, the week is packed with industry stalwarts and up and coming talent.

Geoffrey Ernault will talk about his speedpainting techniques

Dan Luvisi, Loic Zimmerman, Peter Gornstein, Alex Oliver, Raphael Lacoste, Andrew Schmidt, and Aaron McBride will be taking lectures on everything from pin up art, what an art director does, and how to incorporate clay models into your workflow.

To kick things off, 22-year-old artist Geoffrey Ernault will be taking visitors through his own techniques. “I'll be talking about the methods of how to approach environment design and speed painting,” he says.

Geoffrey will also be returning a certain sketch to Dan LuVisi this year

Although he’s only got a couple lectures planned, there’ll be plenty to do over the four days for Geoffrey. “I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Danny Luvisi.

He's not only a really hard working and talented person, he's also a really nice guy… Plus, I have a horrible, monstrous penis drawing in my wallet he did for me last year. It's haunting. I need to give it back to him.”

Dan's new look! Last Man Standing artist Luvisi reworks some classic characters

For Dan Luvisi, the appeal of this event is simple. “Hell, who would say no to a trip to Portugal? But in all seriousness, I had just recently taught a workshop on how I created my book Last Man Standing, at Gnomon Workshop in April, and that seemed to go over well,” he explains. “So I figured it'd be a fun thing to share the wealth again.”

And there are still tickets left for Trojan Horse was a Unicorn. Have a look at the website now.

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