CROOZ into a new career in 2013

Japan's Crooz social gaming

Japan’s leading social gaming company CROOZ is looking for new artists. Will you be one of its next star illustrators?

The Japanese social games market is worth $3.6 billion, with CROOZ being one of the top five social gaming companies on Mobage, Japan's largest social gaming platform.

CROOZ creates games built around exquisite art, and with over 10 million players signed up to play the company's games it's a formula that's proving successful.

“One of our fantasy RPG games Ragnabreak, also known as Deity Wars in countries other than Japan, is our most successful game,” says Yoshinori Nakasa, director in charge of overseas business. “What differentiates it from other games is its beautiful character illustrations.”

This is where you come in. CROOZ’s games are built around stunning artwork, and to develop Deity Wars outside of Japan, CROOZ is looking to recruit new artists to add a fresh take on the worlds, monsters and characters of it’s flagship game.

Deity Wars is a fantasy RPG that takes place in an imaginary world, with three distinct spaces: Heaven, Earth and Hell.

These worlds have begun to merge and players must find a way to restore balance by battling monsters and collecting new, beautifully designed character cards to aid the quest (each newly discovered hero has unique powers to use).

“Each of these characters has a rarity level depending on how strong it is, but we pursue the best quality illustration even for the normal rarity cards,” says Yuta, game director in charge of Deity Wars. “We believe this is really important to let people totally freak out over our games.”

Amazing art is key to the success of CROOZ’s games. The company prides itself on discovering and publishing great new artists. You could be one of the many new artists to be commissioned to draw and paint card art for Deity Wars and other CROOZ titles.

“The most important thing is originality,” confirms Daisuke, art director in charge of illustrations used in Deity Wars. The game is a fantasy RPG that’s a big hit because of the overwhelming quality and creativity of the illustrations.

“It’s very important to make the players feel they want the characters. Therefore, we’re looking for fantastical, appealing, gorgeous illustrations which would inspire the vision of the game.”

If you’d like to submit your portfolio, simply send your work to CROOZ at:

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