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Time is running out for you to send in your portfolio and get a job working at leading social games company CROOZ

For the last few of weeks ImagineFX has provided readers a unique opportunity to paint art for the Japanese games company CROOZ.

In previous posts, we’ve looked at what it takes to provide illustrations for one of the top social gaming companies on Japan’s largest social gaming platform, Mobage, and what exactly the art directors at CROOZ are looking for from the new crop of illustrators.

Now it's time to send in your art work, whether you're based in the US, Middle East or South America. Your illustrations may be wanted by players all around the world. So who better to tell you about the potential benefits of working for CROOZ than its director of overseas business Yoshinori Nakasa.

“Our target is to be the No.1 social games company around the world,” he tells us. “We want to develop games that can be played for generations to come, that we’ll feel proud of in the future.”

And there’s a reason why this Japanese company is broadening its search for artists around the world: "We are agressively approaching the global market to be the No.1 social games company in the world. We have plans to release a new game for players all around the world." Now is the time to join Team CROOZ.


CROOZ is already matching its big ambition to become No.1 in the world. “We’re listed in the Japanese Stock Exchange market with more than 400 employees,” says Mr Nakasa, “we’ve launched more than 15 social games, and over 10 million users have enjoyed those games since 2010.”

In short, their star is very much on the rise. In fact, one of their fantasy RPG games Ragnabreak (known as Deity Wars out of Japan) is the most successful game of its kind. That’s because, Mr Nakasa explains, the game has such brilliant illustrations at its core.

“In Japan, the average monthly sales revenue for these games is usually less than one million US dollars,” he tells us, “but Ragnabreak recorded 1.8 million in the second month after launching.” Recently, TV commercials of Ragnabreak have boosted the number of players even further. Players of Ragnabreak play in order to earn the high quality illustrations given out as rewards within the game, so in order to boost the popularity of Ragnabreak even more, we need more good and distinguished artists. That’s where you come in…

Catch-up on how CROOZ artists create their work here, and the get your online portfolio ship shape and send it to Mr Nakasa and the art directors at CROOZ now, at this address:

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