Creative Space: PARK BLVD. STUDIOS

A new space for a long-running studio, San Diego'S Park Blvd. is home to numerous art classes run by Ron and Vanessa Lemen

Formerly known as Studio 2nd Street, Park Blvd. Studios is an art studio run by Ron and Vanessa Lemen, two enviably talented artists who also happen to be husband and wife. Covering a roomy 4,500 square feet, the studio is divided into two main areas: part of it is dedicated to training up-and-coming fine artists, concept artists and illustrators; with the remainder set up for classes and workshops of various types.

Vanessa and Ron also teach a variety of online courses at The Art Department (

“The studio is located in San Diego on Park Blvd. – just a few miles from Downtown and Balboa Park, the harbour, airport and train station,” says Ron. “For cooling-off and stepping away from the art boards for a breather, students have a bit of space to play music, make a video, craft a sculpture or build a costume if they choose. There are also plenty of great restaurants and eating establishments just down the street.”

The studio offers traditional art figure-drawing classes alongside digital art lessons.

The Lemens have been running an art school for the past 11 years, but the move in 2012 to this new, larger location enables them to put on bigger and better projects. Park Blvd. hosts regular open workshops that the public are welcome to attend – just bring your own drawing materials. These happen every Thursday night, and on Sundays there’s also a long-pose Figure Session, both with small model fees.

Visit for more details on the classes, and for personal work see and

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