Animators unite to create a unique superhero

London is getting a new superhero, thanks some of the capital's most talented animation studios

A group of leading animators has joined forces to create a superhero London can call its very own. The unique event, taking place at a popup art space in Soho, unites some of the capital's leading motion studios for an ambitious character design project. 

Last week, teams from Blackmeal and Mummu created the hero's childhood years. They've handed the baton over to Animade, Fred & Eric, Golden Wolf and Territory Studio to animate the character as a young adult, hitting middle age and, finally, as a pensioner.

Each studio completes a 10-second segment of the superhero's life story – see some of the first sketches below:

The HP-sponsored event, which got underway today and runs until 16 October, is being held at the Vinyl Factory. All animators are working on Z-series Workstations. Anyone is welcome to head down, grab a beer and create their own hero.

Follow #Londonshero on Twitter to see what people are saying about the project. Check out the ZED website for more info, including screenings and expert sessions by the Mill, Framestore and more.

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