Add some Jitter to your brush strokes

Peter Stapleton Painter X3 Jitter brushes

Corel Painter X3’s Universal Jitter opens up a whole new way of using brushes... Peter Stapleton demonstrates

Peter Stapleton: A large problem for some new painters is being able to randomise their brush strokes. The habit forms and the same brush gestures are used over and over, creating a uninteresting image.

Corel has introduced in Painter X3 Universal Jitter controls to the brushes to add some much needed randomness.

Depending on the brush, adding some jitter can change how the brush behaves dramatically with good effect.
Taking time to play around with each of the settings is essential.

I’ll be explaining how to get started using jitter in Painter and a few ways I would use it in my paintings.

Jitter Brushes Painter X3

1. You can open the advanced brush controls from the far right of the brush properties bar (alternatively you can press cmd+B(Mac) or ctrl+B(PC)).

This is where you’ll find the many different ways that universal jitter can be utilised. Most of the tabs contain some different form of jitter.

Jitter Brushes Painter X3

2. A good companion setting to change with jitter is spacing. This can be found at the top of the advanced brush controls.

Changing the various jitter settings can cause the brush to look like a jumbled mess. While that mess can be beneficial at times, spacing can give the brush particles some breathing room.

Jitter Brushes Painter X3

3. I like to use the jitter settings to create particle effects. It’s a great way to make smoke, bubbles, sparks, etc. The possibilities are immense; using your imagination is key.

Depending on the brush there are many more jitter settings to play around with; Airbrush flow, liquid ink volume, colour expression, depth, feature, and many more.

Jitter Brushes Painter X3

Go take a look at some of artist Peter Stapleton's Painter art on his blog.

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