100 Cover Vote: The Results

100 covers

We asked our readers to vote for their 100 favourite ImagineFX covers, click through the pages to see the countdown from 100 to 1, which cover was voted your favourite and which artist made it to number 1? Click on…

Position: 100
Issue: 100
Artist: Jason Chan
Jason Chan
Position: 99
Issue: 99
Artist: Aleksi Briclot
Aleksi Briclot
Position: 98
Issue: 98
Artist: Simon Dominic
Simon Dominic
Position: 97
Issue: 6
Artist: Kuang Hong
Kuang Hong
Position: 96
Issue: 33
Artist: Jonny Duddle
Jonny Duddle
Position: 95
Issue: 65
Artist: Marek Okon
Marek Okon
Position: 94
Issue: 52
Artist: Silver Saaremael
Silver Saaremael
Position: 93
Issue: 9
Artist: Linda Bergkvist
Linda Bergkvist
Position: 92
Issue: 79
Artist: Bao Pham
Bao Pham
Position: 91
Issue: 78
Artist: Marta Dahlig
Marta Dahlig 1

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