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10 things to see at Comic-Con 2013

Comic con 2013 floor plan

The San Diego Comic-Con is starting today, and whether you're attending or getting updates from the net, there’s plenty to look forward to

After you’ve recovered from the mass scrimmage of Wednesday’s Preview Night, Comic-Con is packed with programs, seminars, film exclusives and signings from Thursday morning to Sunday evening.

Here’s 10 things that artists should check out this year…

Todd Lockwood at Comic Con 2013
Todd Lockwood will be on the Fantasy Art Panel

1) Fantasy Art Panel

We couldn’t think of a better way to start off the weekend than going to hear Todd Lockwood, Frank Brunner, ElfQuest’s Wendy Pini and Adam Hughes, plus others, talk about bringing fantasy art to life. It’s early doors, at 10–11am on Thursday morning in Room 5AB, but expect some lively, insightful chat from these fantasy art greats.

Liam Sharp Comic Com 2013
Liam Sharp will be talking about the future of Motion Books

2) Motion Books: Why they're the Future

Our second port of call (after the hilarious Bill Plympton’s midday panel, that is) would be Motion Books at 12:15–1:15pm, Room 2. Digital comics with movement and sound to you and me, motion books are filling a gap, and Liam Sharp’s Madefire and the colossal deviantArt are here to tell you how to get into the medium – as artist and seller.

bill sienkiewicz
Elektra artist Bill Sienkiewicz will unveil how he uses Photoshop

3) Photoshop Insights from Pro Artists

It’s still our readers’ first choice of digital art software, and with an artist panel including Bill Sienkiewicz, Brian Haberlin and Liam Sharp, you can expect to find out the totally different ways each artist uses the malleable software. Room 30CDE at 3pm is where you should be.

Godzilla poster

4) Godzilla reveal

We’re excited about Gareth Edward’s Godzilla ‘big reveal’, as we know that the artist/director from his brilliant Monsters (2011). IGN released this cool poster of the film, set to release May 2014, and we’re expecting great things from the artist/director.

Mark Brooks comic con 2013

5) Dynamic Marker Rendering for Comics

Friday and Saturday are the longest days, stretching from 10 to 8:30pm, and there’s everything from artists’ legal rights in comics to Star Wars origami. Come to Room 2, 2:30-4:30pm on Friday, however, we think Mark Brooks’ Copic brand marker workshop on drawing female superheroes, sounds like a blast. He’ll cover grayscaling, shadows, and blending and raffle his finished drawing.

Tone Rodriguez
Tone Rodriguez is a Star Wars fan, and will tell you all about it!

6) Tricks of the Trade: Building Your Art Career

If you’ve still got any energy left by 5:30pm, Friday, and you’re an artist wanting to break into the industry, Room 2 is for you! In it there’ll be a bunch of great artists such as Randy Martinez and Tone Rodriguez, as well as directors and actors, all with their personal insight into making a success of working in the industry.

7) The Art Show

Comic Con wouldn’t be complete for any artist without a trip to the Art Show. Located in the Sails Pavilion upstairs at the Convention Center, it’s where the established titans of the industry show their art with the next generation of artist superstars, and it’s a must for art lovers and comic artists alike.

Marshall Vandruff
Marshall Vandruff's workshops are not to be missed

8) Art Lessons from Great Illustrators: Arthur Rackham

Marshall Vandruff is one of the most inspiring teachers of art in the business, and this 2pm Saturday panel Art Lessons from Great Illustrators: Arthur Rackham (Room 30CDE) is sure to be a highlight of the day. If you can’t make the convention then take a look at his ImagineFX workshops on creature feature techniques.

CAPCOM at comic con 2013

9) The Art of CAPCOM

Things don’t slow down until the very last minute of the weekend, but Sunday’s highlight, for our money, will be CAPCOM’s penel at 1–2.00pm, Room 25ABC.The art studio’s graphic designers, artists, and creative partners lead the show, and it promises to pull back the curtain on how CAPCOM’s artwork is created, followed by a Q&A session.


There are so many amazing artists at this year’s Comic-Con, it would be insane not to leave some time to wander around and meet some of them. From the fairy fantasy of Ruth Sanderson to the comic cover colossus Adam Hughes there’s art for everyone at SDCC.

Who would you go and see? Tell us in the comments below..

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